Common Symptoms of a Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

Most of us are under the assumption that sensitive skin means only ‘skin irritation.’ But, did you know that a sensitive skin is even beyond that? A research study reported that – about 50% of men and women could be suffering from sensitive skin. Shocked?

The human skin type can be classified into the following– dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, and sensitive skin. Out of all, the sensitive skin is the most difficult to deal with, as it comprises of a number of types and intensity to deal with.

Here are a few signs to know if you have a sensitive skin –

  • Rashes and Bumps

If you have tiny red bumps on your skin, then you do have a sensitive skin. These types of rashes can be uncomfortable on the skin. If you have faced an allergy of this sort, then you need to be extra careful. Don’t just randomly apply any ointment with chemicals over your skin, as it might worsen it. Try some organic creams to soothe it or apply coconut oil, which might get you some relief.

  • Burns and Stings

People with very thin skin, might have experienced the stinging or burning sensation, when they use any cosmetic products like – foundation, sunscreen or moisturizer. It is because, these products contain alcohol. Did you know that, now days, most of the anti-ageing and acne products contain alcohol and heavy chemicals. So, what can be done? When you experience such type of burns or stings, remove every drop of cream or gel or whatever is on your skin. Use only organic products, which will suit your skin.

  • Skin Breakouts

You might experience skin breakouts, if you have a really dry skin. This happens, when your skin pulls the extra oil from the layers of your skin, to compensate on the lack of moisture. This naturally will result in skin breakouts. In this scenario, even using a cream to build up the moisture will aggravate the situation. So, visit your dermatologist at the earliest to help you with the right products. Tip – Don’t wash your face more than 2 times a day if you have a dry skin type!

  • Redness and Itchy Skin

This is the most common sign of sensitive skin. This can happen when you use cleansing products with harsh ingredients on your skin. This would generally require a minor treatment. Hence, meet the doctor soon to find a remedy to your problem to remove the redness or itching.

We recommend you to switch to natural moisturizers and cleansers to deal with your skin problems. And, we also suggest discussing with an experienced dermatologist to deal with your problem easily.


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