Tips To Identify the Genuine Essential Oil from the Fake Ones

Essential oil

Did you know? Essential oils are not actually oils, as it doesn’t contain any fatty acids as in conventional oils. These days you can get a wide variety of essential oils in the market and purchasing an essential oil is an easy task. But are you sure the essential oil that you have purchased is a genuine one? Identifying the original essential oils can be tricky even for a trained aroma therapist.

Most sellers, to compete with their competitors, sell fake essential oil by mixing them with cheaper seed oils and nuts, while some other fake essential oils don’t even have a trace of the extract. This blog gives you various tips to segregate the real from the artificial essential oils.

Tips To Identify the Real Essential Oil from the Fake

Poor quality essential oils will be like putting water onto your skin or sometimes even worse as the fake oils are adulterated and come with harmful side effects.

The following are the tips to separate the real from the synthetic essential oils,

Colour Of The Bottle – Essential oils are stored in dark-coloured bottles as exposure to UV rays reduces the effectiveness of the oil. So an essential oil in clear bottles is probably a fake.

Material With Which The Bottle Is Made of – Essential oils must be stored in a glass container as essential oil leaches via other non-glass bottles. Hence find essential oils in a plastic, or other material bottles are synthetic.

Orifice Reducer – This is the insert at the opening of a bottle to prevent a large flow of oil. An essential oil without orifice reducer is a fake.

Odour – Real essential oil has a slight difference in smell from bottle to bottle, which is absent in synthetic.

Name On The Bottle – A true essential oil will have a Latin designation in addition to its names like peppermint or lavender.

Thus remember the above clues and buy a genuine essential oil.

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