Practical Tips for a Healthy Baby Skin

Baby Skin Care

The skin of a baby is tender and fragile. Since the baby’s skin is sensitive, he/she may develop rashes and allergies easily if a proper skin care is not followed. Parents should be extremely careful about their baby’s basic skin requirements and should use products that are organic and free from chemicals.

A proper skin care during the childhood, can offer a great skin throughout your child’s life. In this blog you will learn how to take care of your baby’s skin in the best way.

  • When bathing your baby, it is better to use organic soaps and shampoo which is free from chemical components and does not cause any irritation to the baby. When you bath your baby, make sure that the water is lukewarm and not overly hot. Don’t use any new products or antibacterial soaps on your baby’s skin, as it might turn out to be too harsh on the skin of the baby.
  • The diapers that you use on your baby should be clean and neat. However certain diapers might cause skin rashes on your baby. It might result in infections too. It is good to change the baby’s diaper frequently. If you find that the baby’s skin is irritated on using diapers, use an organic protective nappy change cream. Use only natural moisturizers on your baby’s skin to keep it hydrated and soft.
  • Avoid bathing your baby very often as it may drain the important nutrients from the skin of the baby. If it is a new born baby, just sponge her gently with plain water for two to three times a day for a month. This will prevent the loss of natural moisture on the skin.
  • Don’t expose your baby directly to the sunlight until they are of 6 months old. You can protect the tenderness of the skin with covered clothes.
  • Make sure that the outfits of your baby are always clean. Always use washed outfits for your baby.
  • The baby might develop prickly heat rashes due to sweating, especially in the armpits, neck and the areas of skin fold. So, use loose cotton clothes to escape from the prickly heat.
  • Always stick to organic products for your baby as often as possible to protect your baby’s skin from infections and allergic reactions.

Hope our blog post on the baby skin care will help you take care of your baby’s skin needs.

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