Latafa Story

The founder, Dr. Rauhiya Rashid Al-Khaifi established Latafa LLC, following a difficult situation that one of her family member went through. He had a severe skin reaction after using a detergent. That made Rauhiya study the different toxins and chemicals found in cosmetics and what effects they have on our bodies. Realising those facts, made her search for the natural alternative.

Unfortunately, at that time there were no natural cosmetics available in Oman. From there, Latafa was born,  It was a shop ment to meet the demand for natural cosmetics in the country. Latafa was officially opened in 2009 in Markaz Al-Bahja in Muscat. We were selling  Natural & Organic cosmetics, which were from certified well known brands. Furthermore, we aimed to educate people in different media about the toxic chemicals in cosmetics, and their effects on our bodies.

Our story now continues with the launching of new Natural and Organic cosmetics that carry our brand name : LATAFA .

” An Omani Brand for cosmetics made in France”