Apricot oil benefits your skin in everyday and extraordinary ways. It helps anti-age. It helps soften and sooth. It helps revive and replenish dry, maturing skin types. If you’re not yet using apricot oil in your skincare regimen, you should be. Here’s 5 great reasons why…

1. Apricot oil benefits: Anti-ageing

Apricot oil is Mother Nature’s blend of many different ingredients. There are vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids, essential fatty acids and more. Each is unique and each is beneficial for skin. Out of each group, apricot oils high content of antioxidants makes it especially strong in protecting, preventing and rejuvenating all skin types.
Apricot oil benefits your skin with a high content of vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant naturally found in your skin’s own sebum. Being skin identical means it’s especially soothing. Using potent and precious Vitamin E rich facial oil such as our Latafa Apricot Oil replenishes your skin’s natural antioxidant reserves. Aka use apricot oil for face wrinkles… it will help anti-age your skin.

2. Apricot oil benefits: Helps prevent blackheads

Blackheads aren’t black because of trapped dirt, they’re actually black because the oil inside your pores has become oxidised. Aka… it’s reacted with oxygen and gone-off. Just like an apple browns.
Apricot oil can help stop this from happening because of its high antioxidant content. When the oil inside of your pores is protected, it doesn’t turn black and therefore not only are you protecting against future black headed spots, your pores will also look smaller and less visible

3. Apricot oil benefits: Rejuvenates dry, mature skin types

If you have a naturally dry or a maturing skin type, your skin will take great benefits from a daily dose of apricot oil. Dry and maturing skin types are very similar. They both need help to exfoliate. They both need brightening and renewing. They both need guidance to become healthy and youthful. Apricot oil can help benefit your skin in all of these ways because of its natural vitamin A content – the anti-ageing hero. While vitamin A can be drying, finding it in an apricot oil base helps counteract this side effect.
Vitamin A, sometimes referred to as a retinoid, helps reboot your skin’s metabolism. Did you know skin naturally, exfoliates fully every 30-40 days? Dry and mature skin types are slow and uneven in their skin cell renewal making your skin tone look, dull, dry and uneven. However, use a rejuvenating, vitamin A containing oil like apricot oil and this dry, maturing skin cycle can be stopped, halted and unwound. Your skin tone can become brightened, dewy and even.

4. Apricot oil benefits: Protects against dehydration

Keeping your skin hydrated is an often overlooked essential. Think of it this way. How well can you think when hungry and thirsty? It’s the same for your skin. To function at its best, your skin cells need water. Apricot oil benefits your skin by resealing your skin barrier. You might not know it, but your skin barrier is oil based. Oil and water don’t mix and this is how your skin holds onto hydration.

5. Apricot oil benefits: Softens and soothes

Every skin type at some point will suffer from uncomfortable feelings. It could be tightness after bathing. Irritation after using too many exfoliants. Stinging sensations from overly potent skincare. Apricot oil can help soothe skin in need of aid. With a high content of oleic and linoleic fatty acids, it’s quickly absorbed, intensively nourishing and kindly soothing.
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