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Prevent Health Risks and Skin Irritation by Choosing the Natural Deodorants

A study reveals that synthetic deodorants contain harmful chemicals like Aluminium compounds that promote cancer cells. These days using body deodorants are common and are considered the most essential personal care. You can socialise with other confidently when you smell good. The sole purpose of the body deodorants is to keep us away from stinking. […]

Natural Hair Oils – An Incredible Source for Maintaining Healthy Hair

Natural Hair Oil

Eco-friendly and natural products are becoming increasingly popular among health and environmentally conscious shoppers of today. This new craze towards organic products also extends itself to hair care. Yes, the never-ending struggle of maintaining healthy hair. In fact, it is one of the most constant battles among many people today. With people becoming aware of […]

Common Symptoms of a Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

Most of us are under the assumption that sensitive skin means only ‘skin irritation.’ But, did you know that a sensitive skin is even beyond that? A research study reported that – about 50% of men and women could be suffering from sensitive skin. Shocked? The human skin type can be classified into the following– […]

Three Easy DIY Home Remedies to Remove Dark Circle

Is the dark circle beneath your eyes staring back at you, when you look into the mirror? Dark circles can be caused due to – Aging Sleep deprivation /Oversleeping Stress, Tiredness and exhaustion Nasal allergies Skin allergies Too much of exposure to the sun And did you spend a hefty amount at the parlor to […]

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